Fluid Dynamics Analyses

Fluid Dynamics: Finding the optimum shape

We have worked on and delivered in many areas including the following:

Areas of expertise

Fluid Dynamics Analyses, due to its ambiguities and differently from other engineering analysis applications, is one of the rare engineering fields where it is required to verify its results with experimental studies in order to confirm their correctness. For that reason people working in this domain have to have a wide experience that includes knowledge from creation of finite element mesh until selection of solution parameters. In case of specialization on specific engineering application, it won't be necessary to carry out experiments for either optimization or deciding for the final results.

With its engineering team, especially expert on marine industry applications, DSRI provides solutions, optimization and design suggestions for fluid dynamics problems, in similar engineering fields. These fields are mentioned below:

  • Hydrodynamics of Open Sea Structures
  • Hydrodynamics of Ships
  • Aerodynamics of Vehicles
  • Heat Transfer Analyses
  • HVAC Analyses
  • Sloshing Analyses
  • Turbo Machinery Analyses